Manufacturing and renovating casting tools and equipment

The principal activity of the plant is the production and renovation of casting tools and follow-on inserts. Beyond the tool casting, single-purpose machines and appliances are also built. We provide the measuring room with the necessary equipment and gauges. In addition to the production of new tools, the plant also provides the machine capacity needed to correct faults discovered during tool maintenance.

In 2018, 2 majoring toolmaking students and 2 majoring machine cutting students from the BemJózsef Technical High School spent their industrial placements with us. We hope that all individuals will return to us after successfully completing their exams and become useful experts within the tooling department at Ecseri KFT. We will continue to build strong relations with the local schools through our HR department. Our list of tooling equipment is shown in the table below. This year, our machinery fleet within the tooling workshop is set to be expanded with CNC milling and EDM equipment.

Machine TypeQuantity
3-axis CNC milling cutter6
4-axis CNC milling cutter1
Wire EDM2
Start Hole Drilling2
Surface Grinder2
Cylindrical Grinder1
TOS Universal Milling machine2
Universal lathe5
CNC lathe1
Horizon Milling machine1
Temperature controlling devices


sets of casting tools and follow-on inserts were completed

In 2018, 69 moulds and follow-on sets were completed at the plant- The tools needed for several projects were completed and the workshop also played a major role in the tool modifications needed to optimise production processes. In order to continue with this optimisation phase, it was necessary to grow the designing capacity. The new designer has strengthened the process engineering squad – this is where we source our innovative plans.

Plans for 2020

New Investments:

  • We have ordered a new Mitsubishi sinker EDM, as the current EDM drill machine capacity is the ‘bottleneck’ between all appliance jobs. The arrival is expected in early October.
  • We have begun the acquisition of a new cylindrical grinder.
  • There are plans for the installation of a production planning software (NORMA Program). This software is employed by over 40 tool retailer and workshop nationwide with great success, as the program can flawlessly handle both orders and purchases. It is perfect for working time standardisation and statistical analyses, whilst being an appropriate tool for creating action plans. Overall, it makes tool manufacturing processes more transparent and predictable.
  • In 2018, we launched the purchase of a TOS FNGJ 50 universal milling machine, which was completed in early February.


Is the amount of growth in workforce that we desire to have in order to take over the tasks of installation and fitting of the follow-on inserts from the tool maintenance department.


  • The slides of the VMC 1300CNC have been refurbished to increase the machine capacity for tool maintenance.
  • The electric refurbishment of our TOS FNGJ 32 universal milling machine is alsp planned for this year.

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