High-pressure aluminium foundry

The operation of the foundry is ensured by a well-trained and experienced team of technicians, engineers and machine operators. The growing quality demands and expectations require continuous professional advancement and technological development. Our company has an apprenticeship system, whereby both university and vocational students are provided with professional training. Together with these bright and promising apprentices, we develop and test new tools and technologies that are to be introduced in practice. We have achieved significant results with the use of cold chambers and annular pistons, the improvement of the tool venting system, and the minimisation of tool handling. We develop, manufacture and utilise single-purpose appliances to achieve greater efficiency and readiness; custom saws, milling machines, deburring machines and reamers assist in production.

We apply various material testing equipment and methods to meet customer expectations. The composition of the melt is analysed by a spectrometer, the gas content is checked by a density index measurement,

and the inclusion content is measured by a K-Mold test. We monitor the heat balance of the tools with thermal imaging, and the porosity testing of the products is conducted with RTG/CT installations, along with abrasion tests and microscopic image evaluations.


The surface preparation of the foundry operates with a 30-person workforce, equipped with advanced surface treatment tools. According to the customers’ needs, we employ ceramic stone abrasions and Cr sand blasting. Once the surface treatment is completed, the inspections and packaging are concluded at the same location. During the course of abrasion, we use Rösler’scontinuous abrasion machines with various stone sizes, and Trowal’s circular vibrators of a variety of sizes with rinsing and drying functions. Sand blasting is also available in various grain sizes upon request. For a meticulous finish, we utilise Rösler’s continuous wire-strap, hook and rubber-strap blasting machines and custom-made ABRAVIZ equipment.



modern, automated, degassing furnace

die cast aluminium alloy

The Process


The production of molten metal is the task of the smelting plant, where modern gas-fired two-shaft furnaces are operated separately for each alloy.

Melting furnaces with a capacity of 2/1 tonnes.


Ecseri KFT’s main activity is aluminium die casting production. Die casting is a mechanised version of casting whereby the liquid metal is injected into the mould at a high speed by a cast piston. It is then subjected to high pressures as it cools down, eliminating the change in volume caused by the transformation in state.

The metal moulds used for the die casting process allow the industrial-scale production of precision-sized parts with low depth and complicated geometry – with a long service life.

The current fleet of machines allows the production of castings ranging from as low as 20 grams up to 10 kilograms in 1 to 12-slot molds.



high pressure casting machines

Manufactured alloys:

  • 226 D : AlSi9Cu3(Fe)
  • 230 D : AlSi12(Fe)
  • 231 D : AlSi12Cu1(Fe)
  • 239 D : AlSi10Mg(Fe)

Semi-finished castings are surface treated after blasting and trimming by abrasive blasting or ceramic stone abrasion.


There are currently 24 horizontal, cold-chamber, high pressure die casting machines on the site in the 400 ton to 1400 ton closing force range. The majority of the cells have a fully automated, custom developed production data recording system. Most of our machines are made by IDRA, but MAICO casting machines can also be found in the factory. In the casting cells, StrikoWestofen, Krown and Foundry metering furnaces keep the temperature at the ideal point, and deliver the molten metal to the casting machines, Wollin and IDRA blow moulding machines provide the mould handling, FANUC robots move the mouldings, Robamat and ToolTemp tool tempering equipment regulate the temperature of the casting tools and remove the cuts and airbags from the parts using REIS presses. Our moulds are 1 to 12 nested and are made in-house.

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