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Primarily based on the customer demand, the company targeted the manufacturing of aluminium products. As a result, Ecseri KFT was established in December 2000, with the main profile of production and later machining of aluminium castings using high-pressure technology.

The foundry was built in 2001 next to the machining plant. The growing customer demand and expectations made it necessary – and at the same time enabled the company – to expand its capacity, which resulted in the delivery of a new 4,000 m2 moulding centre at the company’s Cegléd site in 2010.

Concurrently, the machining facilities of the processing plant and the tool workshop were gradually expanded.Already when the new foundry was handed over, the owners realised that the site at that time will not be able to serve its customers’ needs on the long run, so in 2013 EcseriKFT opened a second facility in Szolnok, where a 5,000 m2 casting hall was built

The pace of development and investment was also unceasing in Cegléd. Between 2012 and 2016, EcseriKFT achieved a growth rate well above the market, as a result of which the owners decided to build a completely new production centre.

Built in 2017, our latest production plant is equipped with the highest levels of technology, thereby satisfying all existing conditions and demands of the automotive industry – amongst many more. With nearly 18.000 m2 of 23 fully robotic casting cells, we strive to professionally serve the ever-increasing customer needs through complex processes and optimised internal logistics.

We produce primarily for export, supplying parts for the well-known and globally recognised products of renowned multinational companies. Our product range naturally includes components for the automotive, mechanical, and electronic engineering industries. We manufacture using an aluminium die casting technology in line with our customers’ requirements.

Our strategy is to persistently open up to innovative technologies and new processes that guide our company to produce more complex products and allow long-term development.

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