Quality for our environment

The key to the premium quality assurance is the awareness that “we produce goods in the agreed quality, in the agreed quantity, and within the agreed deadline.” Here, at EcseriKFT, we operate a state-of-the-art quality system in order to ensure that our customers are satisfied to the highest standards.

Our company is certified according to the IATF16949:2016 standard regulation, manufacturing and machining of aluminium castings.

The continuous operation under the company management guarantees that the operating Ecseri KFT, and the products manufactured by this entity, meets the high standards that are widespread and required within the automotive industry.

We also place great emphasis on minimizing the impact on our environment through our activities, as we aim to be in line with the related regulations. Thus, Ecseri KFT operates an ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system.


Quality assurance engineering

Is responsible for communicating with our customers regarding quality issues, of which the official language in English. Not only should they be able to apply the so-called ‘quality core tools’ on a regular basis, but they should also be able to work competently with the engineering, project management, production, maintenance,  departments.


Internal quality assurance group

Its task it to continuously check the products through sampling and to evaluate the completion of the processes and documentation required by the Company Policy. Due to the nature of their tasks, their role is partly production support and also production monitoring with their own ‘quality-based’ approach.


External quality assurance group

Its task is to assess incoming and outgoing sampling. Their tasks desire the thorough knowledge of all products, in order to know what is right or wrong. In our current organisational structure, we also include end control operators – whose duty is to check to see if all finished products meet the known customer expectations.

Quality Politics

One of the principal elements of Ecseri KFT’s strategic objectives is to reach the TIER1 supplier level. This is a complex task which challenges our approach to quality on every level.


  • Quality Control: This is what ‘beginners’ do – they select and select…
  • Quality Assurance: applying the prescribed rules and processes in a proven (documented) manner that is capable of obtaining customer trust.
  • Quality Management: when a company has all the processes, organisational structures, procedures and systems in place to allow the complete traceability of every product’s manufacturing stages (to trace back to every colleague, workstation, machine, tool, setup, and raw material) and consequently predict what quality we will achieve without any modification.
  • Full Quality Management: when the mindset of every member of the factory is guided by ‘quality manufacturing’ in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction and an optimum efficiency.

We utilise distinctive metrics to achieve our strategy:

Their purpose is to clearly identify the direction that we as a company our heading, and the direction we desire to go. In order to establish a feasible plan, we determine in advance the extent to which the development is realistic, assign tasks responsibly with reasonable deadlines, and execute them accordingly. As an example, we can observe the metric of one of our defining customers (the smaller the better)

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”

Henry Ford

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